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Grieving Dad Grants Deceased 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Wish to Be Famous

Words cant describe. Had to share this.


Two weeks ago, 13-year-old Anna van Keulen died from injuries she sustained during a bike accident on her way to school in the Netherlands.

On Tuesday, her grieving father Niek van Keulen decided to do what he could to fulfill at least one of his deceased daughter’s wishes: To be famous. He tweeted out a video of Anna playing the theme song from Downton Abbey on the piano, and the heartfelt performance immediately went viral. Less than two days later, the video has been viewed almost 1.5 million times.


A day after the video went up, van Keulen tweeted, according to Google translate, “It’s overwhelming … thanks all. Anna’s goal is reached: she’s famous.”

But he wants to keep the attention directed to his daughter rather than himself. “Dear journalists: please stop calling,” he tweeted. “I do not want [to be] on radio or TV, it’s…

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Daffy Duck

Need to Reblog this cause it’s awesome! Check out the work of Gabriel Navar it’s really original, fun and cool.

Gabriel Navar

Daffy Duck

“selfie 4 ultra looney times”

acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on canvas board
20 x 16 in © 2014 Gabriel Navar

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Battlefield 4 and Competitors (CoD):ADDENDUM

To my fellow gamers (especially you newbs) hiding in the safety of your so-called first person shooter known as COD.

One of my first posts on this blog was a poll asking the simple question. Which is better Call Of Duty or Battlefield 4?


This post led to a brief conversation with my new friend and fellow blogger Ace Wicked Gamer. He followed up our conversation with this post:

Battlefield 4 and Competitors (CoD).

Much like Ace, I was a die-hard Call Of Duty fan but like many of my buddies I grew sick of the endless hacking and other issues that always went hand in hand with a typical round of COD.

I can personally say that I sent many emails to Activision about the issues that were ticking me off with the game. No responses were ever received! Instead they just tried to bribe us with flashy new camos and other crap (which ya had to pay for). I will say that trying to bribe me with a bacon camo was pretty clever eh, but not clever enough.

I stopped playing Call Of Duty after Black Ops II (I didn’t even finish the campaign) and started finally playing Battlefield 4 after my buddy XLUNATIC sold me on it. It only took an hour or so of getting used to the game play before I was hooked.

The Maps in Battlefield are huge, the graphics are awesome, you can drive/pilot the various tanks, military vehicles, jets, helicopters, boats, etc.

Sniping in this game is so superior to COD and the wide variety of firearms, knives, explosives etc.,etc, far outstrip the makings of any class building I have ever seen in COD.

LOL I have to agree with Ace that the lone wolf approach that worked so well in Call Of Duty doesn’t apply to Battlefield 4. I recommend finding a good squad.

Now clearly this has been a one-sided argument highly in favor of Battlefield 4 and I know that many of you just love your COD!!

So what do you think gamers? Let me know.

(Be sure to check out my buddy Ace’s work at his blog: ) Do it eh? Show him some love!!




How Wolves Change Rivers – YouTube

Hey, Hey, How’s it goin eh?

My roommate Bushpig told me I had to check out this video.  So I did. Now I’m telling you, YOU GOTTA CHECK THIS OUT!

So cool. (And educational too kids!!)




via How Wolves Change Rivers – YouTube.

Bob Marley 2014 – Completed!

How’s it goin eh?

My apologies for not being around for a bit.  Been extremely occupied with various things, one of which was the illustration of Bob Marley I was working on.

As of 3:30 am this morning (as the caffeine rush was winding down) I finished it!

Hope you enjoy!




Bob Marley - 2014

Bob Marley – Gruntster Productions 2014

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Bob Marley 2014 - 11 X 17 inches - Pencils.


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