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The Saga Continues…

Okay,  like pretty much everyone else on this big blue marble I’ve had my fair share of life kicking me in the junk.  Truth is I got into a pretty self-destructive lifestyle a while back until I finally hit the bottom.

The best thing about hitting the bottom though is that  you can only go up from there!  So I started climbing. During the climb back up I had lots of time to think about the things that made me happy in life and more importantly what was missing from my current life that used to make me happy.

When I was going to college I needed cash for the rent and other living expenses so I did the unthinkable for any self-respecting nerd and sold my comic book collection. Needless to say the nerd in me was put into a deep sleep and I got away from all of the things that brought me the most enjoyment, especially art.

When I was in my early teens I was into two things, reading comics and writing/drawing comics.

I can remember just zoning out for hours at a time creating characters, and stories collaborating with some of the other local nerds and trusted friends whom were all fellow inspired creators. Hey after all we were all going to work for Marvel Comics together some day LOL.  Sadly, those plans were interrupted by LIFE.

Flash forward 20+ years, after losing a father, mother, and close friend not to mention some horrible decisions that I made brings us back to the beginning of this story.

I figured out that the thing that was missing, was the nerd, the inspired artist, the comic book collector these were the things  that brought me so much happiness. So about a year after my mother passed away I was going through some of the things that were packed away and found my art supplies in the process.  Looking back now it I feel like I was meant to find it at that exact moment.

The weirdest thing is that as soon as I found my supplies I picked up the sketchbook and a pencil and started drawing.  When I first started I wasn’t even completely sure what I was drawing. But here is what it ended up being:


This is the drawing that started it all back up.

This is the drawing that started it all back up.

Truth is I didn’t really do anything else after this for a couple more years, but then over the last 2 years I have just been producing more and more artwork. I started building models again and I am slowly rebuilding the comic book collection i sold in college. I am currently working on a graphic novel and plan to add a panel comic strip to this blog in the near future and most importantly though I’m still climbing I am happier than I have been in a long, long time and so the saga continues…

The point is that it is never to late, no matter how much life beats you down to make a change and follow your passions and dreams.

I wish all of you success in whatever endeavors you seek out.  Go find that happiness.







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