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New Addition To The Hobby Pit: Ecto-1 (1/25 Scale Model) – Who Ya Gonna Call?

Hello my friends and how’s it goin eh?

I just wanted to share my latest piece of pop cultural awesomeness!!

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Who Ya Gonna Call?

The 1959 Cadillac/Miller-Meteor Ambulance A.K.A ECTO-1 from Ghostbusters!  I mean c’mon how could ya build a collection of the greatest pop culture vehicles and not have Ecto-1 on the list.

If ya grew up in the 80’s and don’t know what Ecto-1 or Ghostbusters is, you were clearly in a coma or living under a rock!

Man, you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing this:

So now, as you’re listening to the classic jams of Ray Parker Jr., feel free to  scroll on down and take a look at a few pics I have shared of the build.

Till next time gang.





Mad Late Night Crazy Haired Caffeine Rush In Effect!



Prep Begins!

Ecto-1 In The Works..

Ecto-1 In The Works..


Love The Little Details In This Build!


Ecto-1 – 1/25 Scale Model


Ecto-1 – Front.


Ecto-1 – Rear.


Ecto-1 – Rear.


Ecto-1 – Front.

Coming Soon To The Hobby Pit! Who You Gonna Call?

How’s it goin Eh?

Thought I would share the latest project I have going in “The Hobby Pit”. Part of my best pop culture vehicles of all time collection lol. Oh yeah, Ecto-1!



Ecto-1 In The Works..

Ecto-1 In The Works..

The Bandit! AKA The 1977 Pontiac Firebird 1/25 Scale Model Kit

Hey there hows it goin eh?  Welcome to The Bandit build.

You know I can still remember sitting on the couch with my father at a very young age and watching Smokey and the Bandit with my father, him laughing hysterically at the comedic genius of Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason, not to mention Jerry Reed playing The Snowman. At the time I didn’t get why my father was laughing I just laughed along with him because we were having fun. Obviously as I grew up and revisited the film that same comedic brilliance was not lost on me.

My father was actually responsible for me getting into modelling in the first place.  We would build model planes together when I was a kid.  Truth is I think I started the hobby back up because it reminds me of him.

If you haven’t seen Smokey and the Bandit I would suggest you crawl out from whatever rock you have been living under and check it out. Trust me its worth it.

Anywhoo, once again while walking around the local hobby store I stumbled across this beauty. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.




The Bandit – 1977 Pontiac Firebird – 1/25 Scale Model Kit – So awesome.


Working on The Bandit – Winter 2013


First coats of paint being applied


Engine Block Assembled




The Bandit starts to take shape. I love the fact that the Bandits hat comes with the kit. So wicked!


Close up of the Engine


Interior complete.


Gotta love the T-Tops even though they had a tendency to leak like a bitch after a while lol.


Gotta love the toothpick prop rod.


I’m still convinced that the pinstripe decals for this kit were created in the depths of hell! Oh yeah.


Painting the gold on these rims was so unnerving. But once the wee tiny phoenix decals and tires were added, I thought it was so cool and so worth the effort.


The Hood






Almost complete.


Can’t forget the hat!


Thanks for stopping by. (I swear I am not angry in this picture) Peace! GP

The General Lee – 1/16 Scale Model Kit – YEEEE HAWWW

Hows it going eh?  I appreciate ya stopping by to check out THE GENERAL LEE.

If you were anything like me as a kid watching The Dukes of Hazzard was what you did on a Friday night right after watching The Incredible Hulk and you didn’t miss it because you loved it.

And what wasn’t their to love.  Muscle cars, high-speed chases, insane jumps and crashes, Daisy, bows with explosive tipped arrows and  lets not forget all the life lessons we all learned from Uncle was the 80’s nuff said.

After the episode would end, you couldn’t wait for the next Friday to arrive to see the next episode.  You would talk with your friends about the episode when you went back to school the following Monday.  You probably had the Dukes die-cast cars, or Dukes bed sheets, or t-shirts, or lunch boxes or backpacks and I know some of you probably had a poster of The General Lee on your bedroom wall. (Maybe a poster of Daisy Duke mmmm.. sorry zoned out).

I’m 42 years old and I still love The Dukes Of Hazzard, my friends still love it and many of the Dads I know watch The Dukes of Hazzard with their kids all the time.  Parenting done right in my opinion lol. Truth is the only thing that does make me sad when I think about the show is all the Dodge Chargers of which there were hundreds that gave their lives to provide us with all the amazing eye candy we still love to this day.

So naturally after re-embracing my inner nerd again its only natural that I had to buy this beautiful 1/16 Scale General Lee when I saw it in the local hobby store. (I have been known to make impulsive purchases when shopping and god knows this is the only General Lee I will ever be able to afford).

Below are some of the pics of the final build, I hope you enjoy.






The General Lee – 1/16 Scale


The General Lee – 1/16 Scale – Interior


The General Lee – 1/16 Scale – 440 Big Block…Oh Yeah


The General Lee – 1/16 Scale – Close Up of the 440


The General Lee – 1/16 Scale – Front


The General Lee – 1/16 Scale – Rear


The General Lee – 1/16 Scale – Top


The General Lee – 1/16 Scale – One more for the road….

The Yard Sale X-Wing Fighter and my return to modelling (not on the runway).

Whats up gang, I don’t know if anyone else out there is in to building models, but if you are read on.

So I found this nerd treasure for 25 cents at a yard sale.

Oh Yeah! Return of the Jedi version X-Wing Fighter model kit.  It was partially built (incorrectly) but hey a bargains a bargain even though I had not assembled a model kit since I was a mere Padawan.

Funny thing is after I bought it, I packed it away for years and forgot about it.  Hey it happens.

Anywhoo, two years ago I was going through some old boxes and their it was.  So hey why not build it right?

So after, disassembling the incorrect parts of the build, rebuilding the model, patching the holes left from dis-assembly and slapping acrylic white house paint(all I had lol)and a few old bottles of Testors acrylic, decals and a clear coat this was the result.



X-Wing Fighter – 1/25 Scale


X-Wing Fighter – 1/25 Scale


X-Wing Fighter – 1/25 Scale – Luke and R2-D2


X-Wing Fighter – Base


X-Wing Fighter – 1/25 Scale

After I finished the build I had an overwhelming urge to build another kit, and then another. I find building replicas of the pop culture icons I love to be really rewarding and if you are looking for a new hobby to get into, there are worse ways to spend your time.

Peace and May the Force Be With You (Like I wasn’t going to say it)



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